About Us


Established in 2016, Tec-Nails Professional Cosmetics, is an independent organization that came to life from within the Beauty industry itself. With over than 15 years of experience in the Hair, Skin, Nail care and beauty profession, Sam Fayad, Head of Product development & Innovation and Master trainer & tutor, brings to the table a wide spectrum of knowledge, professional expertise and knowhow.

His profile is made up of work conducted in leading developed nations, starting from his native country the United States and the Middle East.

Parallel to this, the business mind of Tec-Nails, Fouad Jaafar, is a hardcore entrepreneur that is totally workaholic, consistently drives us forward with intelligent and well thought off strategies. With a sharp eye for new technological development and opportunities, Tec-Nails has proven to be a major game changer in this market for professional Nail care sector through continuously introducing innovative products and techniques delivering excellence in every aspect of our business conduct.


Our backgrounds and experience in Professional nail care & beauty is a collection of more than 10 years, starting from 2013, when we launched a boutique nail care agency. We thrived to become one of the first companies who brought professional nail products and techniques to Lebanon. This is where our slogan was born “When Art Gets Technical”.

Today we are very proud to say we have reached an impressive wide range of distinguished clients with the most coverage in the nation. Although the market have witnessed many changes, our values have stayed the same. We have dedicated ourselves to give our customers the best services.

Tec-Nails Professional Cosmetics works on innovation in the nail beauty and care sector to be one step ahead in the market and to keep our customers blooming in this industry. Many of our products have been introduced first time into the nail industry and have become a Class A standard products. These values along with our enthusiastic team help us to create the best services for our clients. Our sales team is area focused, that’s why we’re available at all locations to provide you with sales, training, meetings and events at anytime.

Always looking forward to be at your service.


Our team of trainers enrich Tec-Nails overall services through their devotion and passion. Our dedicated training and tutoring expertise deliver to each and every one of our prestigious clients. Tec-Nails vision towards excellence in everything we do, drives our team with an ever positive work environment, always pushing their boundaries of learning and surpassing in product knowhow. It is a constant development in terms of skill, touch of art, design technique and inspiration all passed on to our customers.

It’s a total world of nail care & beauty. Tec-Nails Professional Cosmetics, is ever conscious of its important leading role within our sector and the responsibility of social and corporate sustainability.

Our ambition is the result of the ultimate dedication of an entire organization to work and reputation. We will always be driven to maintain the status of Grade A Quality products and services nationally and regionally. Keeping us at the forefront of our customers and potential customers’ minds.

“The personal support at individual level is what makes us a Brand with a Heart.”